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Identifying trends, designing strategies, developing markets

Circle Square Inc. is focused on helping our clients improve the world's healthcare through innovative use of information and communications technologies. We work with healthcare, life sciences and technology companies to track market trends, develop winning strategies, products and business models, and find partners to work collaboratively on a shared future vision of better quality care at lower costs.

Market trends. We identify and track market trends through HIT Trends, a monthly analysis of the health information technology market, CHaT Trends, a quarterly look at the consumer health and technology segment, and Innovation Trends, a quarterly report of digital health companies, both big and small, focusing on both the leaders and the emerging disruptors in four phases across the patient journey.

Strategy consulting. We use the trends work as a foundation to help clients find innovative products and strategies that can be applied to both the current environment and to where the market is headed. Our market validation process combined with company and product positioning and messaging services can revitalize performance in this rapidly changing landscape.

Business development. We leverage the research and strategy work to build collaborative relationships among our clients as an eco-system of like-minded companies that can work together in complex markets.

Our Reports

Keep up with the latest trends in HIT, consumer health and technology, and innovation trends by sampling our complimentary reports. Head over to our contact page and fill out the form.

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Whether you're looking to understand market trends, develop a strong strategy or find a like-minded company to partner with, we can help. Check out our services and let's figure out if your project is a good fit for us.

Our Clients

We have cultivated strong relationships with a variety of companies across the entire healthcare landscape, both large and small, leaders and emerging. Take a look at  some of the cool folks we've worked with over the years.