About Circle Square Inc.

Founded in 1995, Circle Square Inc. is focused on helping healthcare, life sciences and technology companies improve the world's healthcare through innovative use of information and communications technologies.  The company focuses on three areas:  (1) market trends including executive level market reports about health and technology, analytics presentations on market trends and drivers and deeper dives into individual market segments; (2) strategy consulting to help companies create innovation and revitalize market positions and messages; (3) business development to help companies bring their strategies to the market and partner with allies.

Company leadership

Dave Lake

Dave has 15 years of experience running small businesses and creating compelling content offerings for a variety of different mediums. He is adept at synthesizing complex topics into approachable presentations. He currently functions as Executive Producer for Circle Square, running the company's publishing business and presenting to executives on digital health trends. He spent a decade at Microsoft, overseeing content and social media for several of MSN's entertainment websites. He is a also a seasoned musician and entertainment writer, having sold over 100,000 records with his punk rock band and contributing regularly to Seattle Weekly.

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Michael Lake

Michael Lake is a healthcare technology strategist. For the past 20 years, he has been President of Circle Square Inc. and driving market research, strategy consulting and business development for the company's healthcare, life sciences and technology clients. Prior to forming Circle Square, Michael led HIT efforts at Bell Atlantic, CSC, EDS and McDonnell Douglas focusing on patient care systems for hospitals and clinics.  He was part of the teams that first developed HL7, clinical data repositories, integration engines, and EMRs.  He started his career at Cedars Sinai and Huntington Memorial in California managing some of the nation's earliest implementations of total HIT solutions for hospitals.

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