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Strategy and business development

Innovation development. Mapping a company's assets with external opportunities filtered by stakeholder value, company and market fit, and market readiness to find innovations that impact the core business.

Market validation. Validating product concepts for target markets that aligns internal teams and finds early customers.

Competitive analysis. Analyzing a market segment and competitor positioning to find market opportunities.

Positioning and messaging.  Developing a winning market position and developing the messaging pillars to support it.

Business planning. Building plans for strategic partnering or to support capital strategies including partner introductions and relationship management.

Market trends and analysis

Digital Health Trends. This monthly subscription service, which synthesizes the month's top news and trends and puts them into context, focuses on the areas of electronic health records, health information exchange, healthcare analytics, and consumer health and technology.

Leaders & Disrupters. This quarterly subscription report of digital health companies both big and small, focuses on the leaders and the emerging disruptors in four phases across the patient journey.

Digital Health Highlights. Our free monthly report includes highlights from our subscription publications. Get it delivered to your inbox each month by signing up via our contact page.

Analyst briefings. Up-to-date tour of industry trends for strategy retreats, executive briefings, industry webinars, conferences and other areas.